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“Designed by professionals for professionals”

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The Spark Motion Story

Spark Motion is a portable motion capture platform that was built from the ground up by healthcare professionals with over 90 years of combined experience in the fields of physical therapy, strength and conditioning, and chiropractic medicine. The founders were frustrated with the lack of practical options for motion capture and analytics in the medical and sports performance setting. Time is the most precious resource a practitioner has. Spark Motion allows the practitioner and coach to voice over and mark up videos for documentation or for customized exercise prescription quickly. Patient performing the exercise with voiced over direction and guidance provided through Screen Recorded Video (“SRV”) significantly speeds up the recovery or correction process and facilitates a faster, more clear, and more effective progression of patients. Spark Motion has really “Sparked the Industry”.

Screen Recorded Videos (SRVs) is Our Difference...

  • Allows for the practitioner or coach to record and then voice over a video with analytic mark ups
  • Patients and athletes receive a customized video of themselves performing corrective exercises and movements
  • Value added benefit to your business setting it apart from the rest
  • Improves the athlete’s and patient’s compliance by providing a clear understanding of the program
  • Practitioners and coaches can communicate clearly programing intensions with other providers.

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