Enhance your patient sessions and follow-up assignments by capturing videos in real time or at a convenient time, voice over, annotate and mark-up the videos to instruct and show how to properly perform a movement, exercise or action.

The Power of Spark Motion

Do You Know About Store and Forward or Asyncronous VIsits? Spark Motion can help generate revenue for something you do already.

What can Spark Motion do?

Using the postural grid along with the goniometer is a great way to measure pelvic drop dynamically.

Capture your movement screens and assessments quickly and evaluate at a later time. Using tools like the postural grid and the goniometer allows you to track the bar path and measure joint angles.

Side by side gait analysis and measuring dynamic motion quickly is a powerful tool to design effective corrective programs for your clients and patients.

Using the New Spark Remote, record a live video feed and either share with customer in real time or voice over and send corrective programing of them performing the tasks.

With ergonomic assessments, using simple tools like the arrow and the free hand drawing tool can make powerful visual presentations to companies about proper workstation set ups either in person or remotely.

Screen Recorded Videos (SRVs) is Our Difference

  • Allows for the practitioner or coach to record and then voice over a video with analytic mark ups
  • Patients and athletes receive a customized video of themselves performing corrective exercises and movements
  • Value added benefit to your business setting it apart from the rest
  • Improves the athlete’s and patient’s compliance by providing a clear understanding of the program
  • Practitioners and coaches can communicate clearly programing intensions with other providers.

Spark Motion vs. the Competition

Try Giving Your Business a Boost

Improve your productivity. Let the experts at Spark motion with 100 years combined working in the medical and sports performance fields assist you in maximizing Spark Motion in your specific environment. 

$55 for ½ hour | $99 for 1 hour.